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    • Group Workshop Report for 25th March

      Where was everybody? 'Cos they certainly weren't at the workshop. It was the lowest turnout ever. Where sometimes there's been twenty people or more, on Saturday there was just eight. And, you know what? I loved it. So much so that I've now made a decision: ALL FUTURE WORKSHOPS WILL BE CAPPED AT [...]

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      New Directions

      The Art of Perspective as noted in The London Theatre Record. The Tunnel - Time Out Critic's Choice It's a long time since I wrote a play. Back in the mid-90s I got involved in writing film scripts and was actually given money for them. Previously I'd been paid for acting and had earned just[...]

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      Moments of Cancer

      1 A story. This is what happened to the American writer, Andre Dubus, who died in 1998 at the age of 62. He was injured in a car accident on the night of July 23rd, 1986. Driving from Boston, he stopped to assist two disabled motorists. As he was doing so an oncoming car swerved and hit them. One [...]

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      Group Workshop 3/12/16

      First of all, a few commendations. Mark and Debbie are always good. They come across as experienced and professional and it’s a pleasure to see them work. I also want to mention Michael. The way he approaches acting has changed over time. He is a natural comic. He has the gift of making people[...]

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      Fear in Acting

      This post is about fear. I thought I'd write about fear because just about every actor I meet seems to experience it. Of course, it's not just actors. Fear, even in the form of anxiety which is itself a kind of simmering fear, appears to be part of the human condition. My experience is that people [...]

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