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    • Tomas Zeman

      I have been training with Jon for over a year. In that time I have attended his 1-2-1 classes, monthly group workshops and completed a 10-week intensive course with him and I can say with absolute certainty that choosing Jon as my coach was the best decision I could make. Thanks to him I have made a big step forward in my development, I find auditions lot less stressful and actually enjoy them. Through his vast experience in the film and theatre industry he is able to bring out the best in people, helping them to become acquainted with their feelings and the ways in which to use them in any situation. I would highly recommend Jon Campbell!

    • Carl Welch

      A friend introduced me to Jon and for that I shall be forever in her debt. Over the time I have spent with Jon I have gained insight and knowledge about such matters as the expression of truth, overcoming fear and being comfortable with who you are. To engage, to communicate to move is what Jon has taught me. Its an incredible challenge and a wonderful journey. A while back I was often paralyzed by unfounded fear manifested in self-consciousness. Less so now. I have regular auditions and so far have had some success. I trust Jon completely. He has great integrity, is fair and honest and takes time to understand each person as an individual.

    • Helen Kent

      Doing the intensive course really pushed me further than I expected. I learned such a lot, not only about acting, but about myself. Having a limited number of actors in one class enables Jon to concentrate on everyone as an individual. Jon is the only teacher I have had that has helped me to achieve a high level of acting.

    • Anette Martinsen

      I have learnt so much from Jon. For instance, he was quick to point out that I had a problem with my voice. I realised I wasn’t allowing myself to let go because I was too scared to be vulnerable. Then during one of the sessions I had a breakthrough. That was one of the most exhilarating and exhausting days ever and when I got home I got some funny looks as I had makeup all over my face as I had been crying all day. Since then I have been cast in 4 films an achievement I don’t think I would have got if not for Jon.

    • Flo Masson

      This was the chance of a lifetime and I took it the second I met Jon. When I found out about Jon it was his method of teaching which jumped out at me. It was exactly what I was looking for. What happened then was the start of an amazing adventure into the world of human beings and their emotions. Jon sees everything, a brilliant teacher, he has become my mentor for what I want to achieve. Jon’s passion is to take us to the deepest part of ourselves in order to make us true actors. I know that I would never have reached this level in such a short time without Jon.

    • Theresa Cole

      After a one off lesson with a top film acting coach in LA in 2012, I yearned for such a teacher of excellence to exist in London. I came across Jon Campbell’s monthly workshops and participated in his 10 week intensive acting course, which has been challenging and effective. If you are serious about becoming the best actor you can be, then attend Jon’s classes. No one matches him and he is quite simply the best acting coach in town.

    • Olivia McCarthy

      An absolutely inspirational and dedicated teacher. Jon made sure I was always focused towards my goals, but ensured I was still enjoying every aspect of drama. He gave me confidence in my own talent and abilities. Jon is superbly talented, supportive and dynamic and I was hugely lucky to have had him as a teacher and mentor.

    • Ray Bull

      I have had several acting coaches but none like Jon, he is in complete tune with the actor and really helps you understand the whole concept of acting taking away the myths that abound in the industry. He keeps it simple and interesting and enjoyable too. I am looking forward to the next workshop.

    • Claudine Aumord

      Jon Campbell very quickly reads every client individually, whether you are a beginner, needing technical expertise or a work in progress who needs to be taken above and beyond to a place where you know how to access your emotional recall and characterise 'the person' you need to become. He does not just do this with monologues but can also prepare you thoroughly so that when you are in an audition situation. He also offers expert advice on how best to promote yourself with your headshot, cv, voicereel and showreel including getting into the industry. Excellent. You could not make a better decision by choosing Jon.

    • Saun Dhenjan

      Jon is simply GREAT! I approached him on a quest of getting into drama school. The coaching received has made me a better performer and is the main reason I shall be attending an accredited institution of the arts, on a first application. Without him, I feel this would not have been possible. Whether you're looking to train or enter the profession, Jon will help you reach your goals.